Cavemen didn’t get Alzheimer’s disease

I doubt cavemen ever suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  Now that may have been because eventually old age prevents you from out-running a saber-tooth tiger… OR it may have been because cavemen consumed lots of medium-chain triglycerides and Vitamin D.

I came across two interesting pieces of news regarding the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s disease this week… and interestingly enough both methods were Primal.

  • Looks like coconut oil consumption may potentially slow down and even reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  And that’s because coconut oil contains high amounts of medium-chain triglycerides.  One dedicated wife of an Alzheimer’s patient has seen amazing improvements in her husband’s cognitive abilities after she began incorporating coconut oil into his diet.
    I highly recommend watching this short video:

  • And scientists at UCLA have found that Vitamin D3 helps remove amyloid beta from the brain, which is the main component on plaques found in Alzheimer’s disease.  And turns out all of the best sources of Vitamin D are primal.  They include: cod liver oil, fish, eggs, and most of all… SUNLIGHT.  Like I needed any more reasons to go tanning 😉
    Check out the article on Yahoo! News here:


6 thoughts on “Cavemen didn’t get Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Hi Rebecca…I’m really interested in this topic because my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her mid-60s and lived with it for 11 years. I have been taking Vitamin D3 supplements for a few years now, and I’m always reading up on medical materials/journals in order to see what the latest findings are in the battle against this terrible disease.

    • Hi Earlene!

      Yeah, my great-aunt had Alzheimer’s as well. It’s a horrible disease 😦

      I think that video about the coconut oil is pretty intriguing and hopeful though

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  3. Very interesting. I am studying AD as part of last three weeks of nursing school and I find it fascinating. I think you are correct – cavemen didn’t get AD. I believe that is because the caveman doctors weren’t incentivised to hand out statin drugs like candy. It appears that a defect Chromosome 19 (APOE) has been linked to AD. Ironically, that same chromosome creates the DNA instructions for ultimately making lipoproteins and transporting cholesterol throughout the body. Although nobody has proven it scientifically, I believe that it is no coincidence to see the spike in statin drug usage and the similar spike in the dramatic increase in AD when they are compared side by side on a chart. Big pharma touts that statins have dramatically reduced heart disease (incorrectly by the way) but nobody wants to admit on their end that there is any link to this disease even. But why should they, they are hard at work making new drugs to sell us that will prevent the AD epidemic.
    Anyway – thanks for the article. I believe coconut oil is key to fighting the disease, but the easy answer you imply is correct. If cavemen didn’t get it – then if we eat like they did we probably won’t get it either – Unless of course, it’s caused by DNA contaminants in flu vaccines. LOL!

    • Thanks for the awesome comment! I agree, statin drugs are scary. It really saddens me that so many people are starting to take them. It’s half the pharmaceutical companies fault for deceptive marketing, and half the peoples fault for always wanting a “quick fix.”

      Interesting that statin drugs may be linked to AD… just another reason to dislike them!

  4. Thanks for the great info.
    In England, a doctor discovered that many of the patients
    he was treating for Alzheimer’s and other problems associated
    with memory, were just deficient in vitamins C and B.
    If a family member is suffering, get in touch with a naturopath,
    and ask about more vitamin B and C.

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