New York City Raging – Primal Style!

Keepin' it classy at the Latham Hotel!

I had such a fantastic time this weekend that I feel I have to share it with you.  One of my best girlfriends and I decided to go to New York City to shop and party… and shop and party we did!

We took the Bolt Bus from Union Station on Friday for only 20 bucks and arrived in NYC around 5 o’clock.  We were able to find an affordable place to stay in the heart of the Meat-Packing District, which is conveniently close to everything we wanted to be close to, for only $140 bucks a night.  Yes… we had to share a bathroom with the entire floor and our bed was tiny… but it’s all about location right?

We then wandered around the neighborhood where we stumbled upon a dog park, a farmer’s market, and a great place for happy hour.  Later on we checked out some of the nightclubs where we soon realized that while a lot of New Yorkers are good-looking, a lot of New Yorkers are rude.

Funny looking dog at the Dog Park

We spent most of the day on Saturday at Century21.  Century21 is ONE department store that has FOUR floors… by far the biggest store I’ve ever seen.  I walked in awe struck… 5 hours and $220 later I walked out in love.  The next night we decided we were tired of rude people in nightclubs so we decided to check out some of the “hipster/dive bars” closer to Times Square.  This was an EXCELLENT decision.  We raged the night away with new friends we made from Serbia, Russia, Australia… and go figure – New York.

One thing that made this trip even better, however, is that besides the liquor consumption I was able to stay 95% Paleo the entire time.  A lot of people assume that is quite a challenge while traveling since us cave-people are so used to making our own meals.  But the truth is: with a little effort it’s really not that hard.


  • snacked on almonds and a banana on the bus ride
  • Had a glass of red wine at happy hour
  • Chose the buffet at Cafe21 where I was able to make my own salad that I topped with roasted peppers and BBQ chicken.
  • Drank Gin and DIET tonics


  • Woke up late and ate lunch at Café21 again. (Not very adventurous I know, but it was right next to our hotel).  Ate more salad this time topped with roasted carrots and roast beef
  • Snacked with a cappuccino made with whole milk
  • Dinner was a salad from Chipoltle topped with their carnitas, roasted vegetables, tomato salsa, and a dollup of sour cream.
  • Later on drank some more Gin and DIET tonics… and one Cosmopolitan.  Couldn’t resist!

    Deepa and I with our Cosmopolitans 🙂


  • Woke up late again, and ate a Waldorf Salad from the Diner down the street
  • Snacked on water, water, and more water until I got back safely home to College Park 🙂