21-Day Sugar Detox

This weekend I attended my friend’s wedding and went home to have a belated birthday celebration with my family.  I kept things mostly Primal by mainly eating pit beef at the wedding and grilled salmon at my house, but both nights I indulged my sweet tooth when it came time for dessert.  I doubt caveman had access to multiple chocolate chip cookies and ice cream pie… but they were both delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the sugary treats, guilt-free.

But unfortunately this morning I woke up with a serious sugar-hangover: which quickly reminded me how evil sugar is for your body.  After reading Deep Nutrition I learned that sugar causes insulin-resistance, stiffens collagen, jams hormonal signals, and slows neural communication.  These side-effects in turn lead to weight-gain, diabetes, premature wrinkling, arthritis, weakened bones, mood swings, headaches, dulled senses, and more.

And those side-effects are just the beginning… I highly recommend reading Deep Nutrition to learn more about how dangerous sugar is for your body.

So after thoroughly indulging my sweet tooth yesterday I decided today would be a great time to start a 21-Day Sugar detox.  And since I’m already Primal (80 – 90% of the time) I figured I could make my own guidelines instead of buying the official rules

Becca’s 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidelines:

  • Stay Primal (non-Primal foods are automatically excluded)
  • No sweet potatoes
  • No dark chocolate bars
  • No fruit/dried fruit  (except for lemons/limes)
  • No honey (or other “primal” sweeteners)
  • No juice or white wines
  • Red Wine/Vodka/Gin is allowed on the weekends
  • No cheating on Primal!  (even if it is a wedding, or a birthday, or just to “try it”)

looking forward to this…
photo credit: pfh.org

Supposedly by the end of the next 21 days I will have:

  • a slimmer waist
  • better skin
  • increased sense of taste
  • increased energy
  • better sleep habits
  • and more…

Let’s see if being sugar-free is all that it’s cracked up to be!  Wish me luck 🙂

6 thoughts on “21-Day Sugar Detox

  1. I’m eating ice cream as I read this post. 🙂

    I found in my year of seasonal eating that it is toughest to give up sugar during the longer days. The book Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival explains that light stimulates carb cravings. This is probably for survival purposes. Get us to eat more in preparation for winter hibernation.

    Good luck.

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