New Year’s Resolutions: May Progress

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you.  If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you.  Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

– Jim Rohn

This was a super-busy, fun-packed month for me and the best part is: I still managed to reach the majority of my goals.  Slowly but surely the changes I’m consciously making in my behavior are becoming more and more like second-nature… and it’s a good feeling.  Here’s another briefing on my monthly progress.

and yet another haircut…

Goal 1: Be a better dresser (specifically: get my new work pants tailored, acquire an iron, and find a dress I can wear to my friend’s wedding in June)

  • I managed to get my work pants tailored and find a great dress for my friends’ wedding.  I got the dress from Cache for $53 (marked down from $160!!!) and I’m planning on wearing it to two weddings AND to work when I start my job.  If that’s not a good deal… I don’t know what is!
  • Next month:  Acquire the iron I was supposed to get last month and make a “style board.”  Or basically just define the style I would like to have with words and pictures.


Goal 2: Go outside more (specifically: visit 2 state parks and continue to use my bike)

Patuxent River Park

  • Next month: Keep up the good work.  Visit 2 state parks and continue to use my bike.

Goal 3: Stop drinking so much (specifically: stick to the 3×3 rule)

  • My drinking definitely picked back up this month… mostly due to all of the graduation celebrations.  I kept it under control as best I could, but mostly just tried to enjoy myself since I knew the college-partying-lifestyle was about to be over forever.
  • Next month: get back on track and start sticking to the 3×3 rule again!

Goal 4: Stop spending all my weekends in a bar (specifically: keep trying to plan creative alternatives and plan something fun to celebrate my graduation)

  • I frequented several bars this month… but I also had plenty of fun-packed, bar-free adventures as well.  To name a few things: I played in a Softball tournament where we won 2/3 games, got lunch in Eastern Market with my siblings, spent A TON of time outside, visited with my cousins from Alabama, bought whole milk from an Amish Market and used it to make paneer, GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE, saw an IMAX movie with my mom, and went to Bethany Beach with several of my friends.

being silly at the beach! photo credit: Shannon Mulhearn

  • Next month: Try to go on as many adventures as possible before I start working full-time in July.

Goal 5: Grow my faith (specifically: go to church at least twice, read 6 books of the Old Testament, and either help out at the horse farm or find other ways to get involved)

Ernie the Lead Pony, at Hidden Haven Horse Farm

  • Next month: go to church at least twice, read the next six books of the Old Testament, and continue to volunteer at Hidden Haven Horse Farm.
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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: May Progress

  1. Well done, I love that you are tracking your progress so intently. So many people (including myself) make resolutions and then don’t really bother to assess whether they’ve met their goals. P,S That’s one ADORABLE horse 🙂

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