Going Minimalist 2.0

“Becoming Minimalist: because the best things in life aren’t things!”

-Becoming Minimalist

This week I stumbled upon Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to helping people become a minimalist.  One of their articles I particularly liked was, “Benefits of Minimalism.”

In this article they mentioned 28 different benefits of being a minimalist.  A few of my favorites were:

  • Finding work you love
  • Less stress
  • Easier souvenir shopping (haha)

But I encourage you to check out the article yourself to read the rest.

A couple of weeks ago I posted Going Minimalist 1.0.  This post showed my first step in becoming a minimalist: getting rid of the needless stuff on and in my desk.  Last week I took the next step and cleaned out part of my closet and the vanity in my bathroom.  A trash bag and a trip to Value Village later…

Here is my closet, before & after:

And here is my vanity, before & after:

… baby steps! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Going Minimalist 2.0

  1. Well done! There’s so many areas of my life where I could do with a bit of minimalism but the first steps are often the hardest! You’ve inspired me to tackle my over-cluttered wardrobe!

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