Going Minimalist 1.0

A couple weeks ago I came across the Minimalist Living Starter Guide on Minimalist Living.  Maybe it’s because I’m reading Surviving Off Off-Grid, which I talked about in my “No-Phone Challenge”, but something about it really resonated with me.  So many of our processions are completely unnecessary and end up cluttering up not only our homes, but our minds.  By getting rid of needless stuff you’re not only giving yourself more space, but more ability to focus on what really matters.

The Starter Guide recommended the following process for individuals looking to “go minimalist”:

  • Get rid of needless stuff.
  • Keep only what is essential
  • Keep doing this

Rome was not built in a day… and neither are minimalists.  So I’m going to take this one step at a time.  So for my first step I decided to de-clutter my desk and try to keep only what was essential.

Here’s my before and after shot (may not look very different, but I had two shopping bags of trash to throw away after!):


2 thoughts on “Going Minimalist 1.0

  1. Looks good! I’ve been minimalist (trying hard, anyway) for a couple years and it really is great. I’ll never be one of those “100-things” people, but I really enjoy the process of thinking more and throwing out more. It allows more beauty into your life.

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