New Year’s Resolutions: Apr. Progress

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

-Zig Zigler

The more New Year’s Resolutions progress posts I make, the more thankful I am that I’ve committed myself to making them.  Motivation is easy to create, but hard to maintain.  And without these posts I’m sure I would have forgotten about these resolutions months ago.  When it comes to achieving your goals, even the small ones, I’ve learned that holding yourself accountable is incredibly important.  That being said, here is another month of my personal progress 🙂

wearing accessories!

Goal 1: Be a Bette Dresser (specifically: buy an outfit I can wear to church and/or work)

  • I did it!  Last weekend I dragged my friends out to Nordstrom Rack and was able to find not one, but two outfits I can wear to work and/or church.  And the best part was I got it all for under $140… not bad if you ask me!
  • Next month: Get my new work pants tailored, acquire an iron, and find a dress I can wear to my friend’s wedding in June.

Goal 2: Go outside more (specifically: visit a state park and use my bike… TWICE)

  • I did it! I checked out the mini-park at the end of the Paint Branch Trail and a couple of weekends ago my friend Brenna and I went hiking at Calvert Cliffs.  It was perfect weather and the scenery was beautiful.

scenic beauty at Calvert Cliffs

  • And I have been fortunate enough to use my bike several times a week.  Since the weather has gotten nicer I’ve been using it to get to campus instead of taking the bus… which is not only a prettier route, but a faster one too 😉
  • Next month: Keep up the good work.  Visit 2 state parks and continue to use my bike.

Goal 3: Stop drinking so much (specifically: stick to the 3×3 rule)

  • Once again, I wasn’t perfect with this one… but I’m definitely improving.  I can only recall 2 nights where I drank a lot more than 3 drinks and both those nights were practically the only nights I drank all week.
  • Next month: Keep striving to stick to the 3×3 rule

Goal 4: Stop spending all my weekends in a bar (specifically: get creative and plan a fun Easter activity with my family)

  • This month I managed to plan an egg-toss for my family’s Easter activity, go see The Ting Tings at the 9:30 club, go hiking at Calvert Cliffs, have lunch with my family in Old Town Alexandria, and go shopping in Friendship Heights with my friends.  Yes, I definitely visited a few bars… but I think I successfully mixed it up.

Deepa & Jerry gettin’ ready for the Easter Egg-Toss!

  • Next month: Keep trying to find creative alternatives to the bar… and plan something fun to celebrate my graduation.

Goal 5: Grow my faith (specifically: go to church at least twice, read 6 books of the Bible, and become more active in my church community)

  • I went to church twice this month AND I surpassed my reading goal.  The chapters get short at the end of the New Testament so I ended up reading 11 chapters and finishing the New Testament completely.
  • I didn’t become more active in the church community. But I have looked into volunteering at a horse farm; it won’t be church-related but… still something nice to do.
  • Next month: Go to church at least twice, read 6 books of the Old Testament, and either help out at the horse farm or find other ways to get involved.

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