No-Phone Challenge

About two weeks ago I started reading Surviving Off Off-Grid by Michael Bunker.  Michael Bunker is a self-described “plain” person who lives completely off-grid, meaning he lives his life without the use of electric power and most other alternative energy sources.  It’s a fascinating read that is somewhere between ideological and a how-to book.  He basically makes the case that modern day culture has turned people into slaves to technology.  And while his views are certainly extreme, I find his way of life intriguing and lately I’ve been wondering if I could ever come close to pulling it off myself…

Then last week David Kanigan shared a clip of Sherri Turkle’s TED Talk on his blog.  Sherri gave an excellent presentation on how technology is allowing all of us to stay more connected, yet is making all of us more alone.  She basically makes the case that constant texting is preventing people from truly living in the moment.  We are becoming so busy connecting with people that are not with us, that we are forgetting to connect with the people right next to us… and ourselves…

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And then last night I lost my phone.  Somehow it managed to slip out of my purse while I was dancing my heart out at The Ting Tings concert with my friend Grace.  It was about 3 years old and the front screen didn’t work, so losing it is not a tragedy.  But maybe it’s an opportunity.   An opportunity to see if I can not only talk-the-“too much technology is bad” talk… but actually walk-the-walk.

So that’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to last an entire week without buying a new phone.  This might sound easy to you, might sound hard, or maybe it just sounds crazy.  But I want to see if being phoneless will help me focus on living in the present… and not constantly texting to re-live my past and plan my future.

So far I’ve survived about 21 hours without a phone… now let’s see if I can survive the next 147! 🙂

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