Natural Homemade Toner

I first heard about this recipe from Food Renegade.  At the time I was spending over $25 on my Dermatologica toner… and wasn’t noticing any significant benefits.

Food Renegade’s recipe consisted of apple cider vinegar, mint, and water.  I happened to have a bottle of apple cider vinegar ($3) in my pantry and a package of fresh mint ($2) in my fridge.  This toner was going to be super simple and super affordable to make.

After looking into it I found out that apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for your skin.  It promotes blood circulation, is a natural antiseptic, can reduce peeling, and regulates pH.  Mint has many beneficial qualities as well including that it contains Vitamin A and is an anti-pruritic, meaning it can strengthen tissue and soothe infections.

I have been using this toner consistently for the past 3 months.  It feels very refreshing, without that creepy tingly feeling you get from alcohol-based toners, and has visibly calming effects when used on breakouts.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Mint Toner

  • ¼ cup Mint (Chopped, Fresh)
  • 3 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw, Organic)
  • 1 ¼ cups Water (Distilled)
  • 1 Mason Jar (I just clean out my Almond-Butter jars)
  • 1 spray bottle (Optional.  I cleaned out one I had from a store-bought toner.  But you can find them at Organic Markets, dollar stores, or a convenience store)

Put the mint and apple cider vinegar into your mason jar.  Close the lid tightly and let it sit for seven days.  The mint is infusing the vinegar.

After seven days, strain the mint leaves from the vinegar and pour the vinegar back into your spray bottle.  Add the distilled water to your spray bottle, close the lid, shake it gently… and voila!  Enjoy your natural, homemade toner 🙂


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