Seriously All-Natural Deodorant

I have a confession to make: I have not worn traditional “deodorant” for the past six months.  And believe it or not, people haven’t run away from me in disgust, my friends still want to hang-out with me, and I’ve even gotten asked on a couple of dates.  Turns out despite what the commercials on television tell you, people don’t have to be dependent on Dove and Old Spice for social acceptance.

Instead I’ve been using the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, which is made from 100% Mineral Salt… basically meaning it’s as “all-natural” as you can get.

Why make the switch?  Commercial Deodorant is scary.  It’s full of chemicals and ALUMINUM… which may be linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.  I always find it funny people tell me I’m going to get skin cancer from tanning (keep in mind sun-rays are 100% natural and full of Vitamin K 😉 ), but never question rubbing cancer-causing aluminum into their armpits several times a day.

Not only is the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone just as effective as commercial deodorants, but the best part is: it costs about 7 bucks at MOM’s and lasts forever. Mine is not even halfway used up and I bought it SIX months ago.  By far one of the most economical hygiene purchases I’ve ever made.

Since the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone is odorless, however, I have also been adding on a dab of coconut oil afterward for a little bit of all-natural fragrance… because who doesn’t love to smell like coconuts?

8 thoughts on “Seriously All-Natural Deodorant

  1. I have a mineral stone too but my cat broke it out of the container by kicking it off the bathroom counter. Butt-head. I’m not in love with it but that’s partly because the stupid thing is broken and not easy to use now. I am with you, traditional stuff is scary and we shouldn’t be using it. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect product for me and I plan to be experimenting with making my own soon too.

  2. I have seen these, but have always wondered about them. What about wet arm pits? Does that eventually even out? Also, does it help with stains on shirts, as in they are less? All my white shirts become destroyed with pit stains…gross.

  3. I’ve been dipping my stone in rosewater (orange water would be nice, too!) that I get for cheap at the international market. I just keep a jar of it next to the stone and use that as the wetting agent. It smells great! 🙂

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