New Year’s Resolutions: Feb. Progress

O, happy the soul that saw its own faults.” – Mevlana Rumi

Accountability breeds response-ability.” –Stephen R. Covey

Self-reflection and accountability are wonderful things.  I spent the past few days dreading this post because I felt like I had failed at all of my New Year’s Resolutions this month. But while writing this post made me think about all of the ways I’d messed up… it also forced me to do some self-reflection, which helped me realize that I also did a lot of things right.  And even though I’ve started to let myself slip the past couple weeks… by holding myself accountable for my actions it has given me a chance to catch myself before I really get off track.

check out that haircut!

Goal 1: Be a Better Dresser (specifically: find more distinct ways to style my hair)

  • I did it!  This month I kept on dressing well and actually got a “hairstyle”
  • Next month: Keep on accessorizing, start wearing my hair curly, and get some new shoes for spring. 🙂

Goal 2: Go outside more (specifically: visit a state park and use my bike)

  • Okay so, I didn’t visit a state park or use my bike this month.  However, I did spend a lot more time outside.  I went running on the trail several times and even walked to/from the gym and grocery store instead of driving.
  • Next month: Visit a state park and use my bike (let’s try these again!)

Goal 3: Stop drinking so much

  • I’m going to be honest here… I completely failed at this resolution this month.  I started off on track, but by the end of the month I was drinking fairly heavily 3-4 times a week and even had one bad night where I puked my brains out…
  • Next month: Get back on track and stick to the 3×3 rule.  Don’t drink more than 3 nights a week and don’t have more than 3 drinks a night.

Goal 4: Stop spending all my weekends in a bar

  • This month I started off on track with this resolution.  I visited Annapolis , tried out Fogo De Chao with some fellow cavemen, and went to a couple parties.  But the past two weeks quickly deteriorated into lots of time spent at bars, bars, and more bars… which probably accounts for my failure to stop drinking so damn much.

    Fogo De Chao is DELICIOUS. photo credit: Fogo De Chao

  • Next month: Realize time at bars is inevitable… but don’t spend any more ENTIRE weekends there.  Get creative and mix it up.

Goal 5: Grow my faith (specifically: go to church at least twice and read 6 books of the Bible)

  • I managed to get to church on Sunday morning twice this month and read 6 books from the Bible including: Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galations, & Ephesians
  • Next month:  Go to church at least twice and read 6 more books of the Bible.

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Feb. Progress

  1. I use L-Tyrosine to curb my caffeine craving, but I’ve also read it works for alcohol. Take it on an empty stomach. You can get a month’s supply for about the cost of one bar drink.

    • Thanks for tip! It’s not so much that I “crave” it… more so that it can be hard to avoid since most of my friends are heavy drinkers.

      But I’ll definitely check it out

  2. You look amazing – I LOVE your haircut! 🙂 Congrats on your successes. Every success is worth celebrating and holding yourself accountable on other things you still want to change is key to continuing the trend.

  3. You look great. Keep working on your goals. Remember they are goals and ever step closer is an accomplishment! Be proud of yourself and appreciate your journey.

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