Primal Valentine’s Day Gifts

This year I may be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t appreciate the holiday!  Here are 3 Primal alternatives to the traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts… for all the sexy cavemen and women in your life 😉

  • Chocolate & Roses?  So cliché.  Besides the chocolate is only going to give you a sugar hangover and the roses start to wilt the next day anyways.  But bacon roses  on the other hand… now that’s just awesome.  No further explanation necessary.

photo credit: kaptaink_cg

  • Candlelight?  Yeah, that’s romantic.  But you know what’s more romantic than a candle?  A fireplace.  And you know what’s cooler than a fireplace?  A portable one.

photo credit: Acquaefuoco

  • Romantic Dinner for Two?  Hell yeah!  But not in a restaurant… those are going to be way too crowded.  So why not learn how to catch, kill, and cook your own dinner at Tim MacWelch’s School of Wilderness Survival? Tim can teach you how to catch your dinner, start a fire, build a shelter for a night, and various other ways to be a badass… and who doesn’t love a badass?

photo credit: Earth Connection

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