Primal Rap Music

At the Rebeultion Concert

Okay, so The Grouch’s music isn’t exactly primal.  It’s not about grass-fed beef and organically-grown veggies.  But it is about being an honorable person who is true to their self, even if that means not following the norms of society… which I think has a lot in common with living the primal lifestyle.  Because after all, embracing your primal-sexy does mean turning your back on conventional wisdom.

I found out about The Grouch last weekend when my roommate Jessie and I went to The Fillmore in Silver Spring.  While we were there to see to the reggae-meets-rock music band Rebelution… I ended up liking their opening act, The Grouch, even better.  We even got to meet him, get his autograph, and take a picture with him 🙂

Here are some of the songs he performed that I especially liked:

Simple Man: Cause life really is about the simple things in life, not material processions.

Digital Dirt: Finally a song expressing why I don’t want a smart phone!  I’m a blogger, so obviously I like the internet, but c’mon – does everybody have to be plugged into it 24/7?

Breath: You can make any day, even a stressful one, the greatest day.  It’s all about your mindset.    

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