Christmas-Eve Goals

Oh pull-up… when will you stop playing hard-to-get?  I must admit I was pretty disappointed when I still couldn’t do a pull-up last week.  But… it’s rare for things to go exactly to plan, which is why I’m choosing to celebrate the goals I did reach (and even surpass) instead of focusing on the one goal I didn’t.

Last month I made some Thanksgiving Eve goals for myself.  And even though I still can’t do a pull-up… I was able to surpass my Bench Press & Deadlift goals by 10 lbs and meet my Squat goal.  Since my current diet and work-out regimen allowed me to reach 75% of my goals, I’m going to continue to follow it for my Christmas Eve goals.  To keep things interesting, however, I’m going to add in a couple new lifts which will force me to master some new lifting techniques.

Ab Progress...

Current Strength Measures                 Goal by Christmas Eve
(November 23rd)                                      (December 24th)

Bench = 75 lbs                                          Bench = 90 lbs
Squat = 135 lbs                                         Squat = 150 lbs
Deadlift = 115 lbs                                      Deadlift = 130 lbs
Pull-Up = 0                                                Pull-Up = 1
Front Squat = 0                                         Front Squat = 55 lbs
Ground-Over-Head = 0 lbs                  Ground-Over-Head = 45 lbs

Plan of Action:
(same as last month)

Sunday: Strength/Cardio workout, BodyRock style
Monday: Strength workout, LeanGains style
Tuesday: Light cardio, MarksDailyApple style
Wednesday: Strength workout, Leangains style
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Strength workout (Leangains) OR Strength/Cardio                         (BodyRock) workout… depending on time available, energy level, etc.
Saturday: Rest

100% Primal combined with Intermittent Fasting** (eat only between the hours of noon and 9-10pm).
…Except for Friday Night – Saturday, I will eat when I’m hungry.

**Intermittent Fasting is NOT dieting.  You eat the same number of calories that you would normally consume, you just condense it into a 9 hour period.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress… and in the meantime you should make some fitness goals of your own.  Who says you need to wait until New Years? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Christmas-Eve Goals

  1. Good job on the workouts! One trick I use for pullups is those “bands” that some people use to work out with. They come with handles and different colors, and whimpy people use them in place of free weights. Well, I throw the handles over the hand grips of the pull up cage and then step into the loop. I use about three of them at a time when I am too weak to keep good form.

  2. Yes – the bands are awesome!!! I can’t do a pull up on my own but am using the bands and they are a huge help. Or you can try to work on your negative pull up (jump up to do a pull up and then slowly lower yourself down. That helps your overall pull up. Good luck!!!

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