Hunting for Vibrams

Me in my new Vibrams

After wanting a pair for over a year now… I have officially joined the club.  Last night I bought my first pair of women’s black KSO Vibrams.

I’ve currently owned them for less than 24 hours and have been wearing them for less than 3: but so far they are amazing.  What kept me from purchasing them sooner, however, was their price tag.  I’m still a college student, living on a college budget.  I make $150 a week and dropping $85 of that on a pair of shoes barely leaves me with enough money to afford my primal groceries, let alone my not-so-primal vodka.

This got me thinking: is being frugal a primal instinct that I should embrace?  After all I doubt ancient cavemen were blessed with excess resources.  Why waste two spears hunting down a saber-tooth tiger when you can get the job done with one?  I really wanted these shoes, and since I didn’t feel like foregoing groceries for a week, I decided it was time to go on a hunt of my own… a hunt for a bargain.

I found that bargain via craigslist.  A lady named Theresa was selling a pair of BRAND-NEW Vibrams (still in the box with the tags and everything) for $45.  Unfortunately for her – but fortunately for me- she had bought them a size too small and was no longer able to return them.  Maybe I’m crazy but finding these shoes gave me a natural high so intense that I’m convinced smart-shopping is a primal instinct.  I know Cavemen didn’t have to shoe shop… but I’m certain they would be frugal if they did 😉

2 thoughts on “Hunting for Vibrams

  1. So jealous! Way to go for finding yourself such an awesome deal. I LOVE my vibrams and can’t wait to get another pair. My sister-in-law has 3 (unbeknownst to the hubby who only has 1.) LOL

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