Product Review: Sleep Mask

Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint lists “Get Lots of Sleep” as its #5 guideline to living a primal life.  Our lives are busy and stressful and our bodies need time to rest and recover.

Light is something that negatively affects our sleep more than most of us realize.  But it can be hard to avoid… even when you turn your lights off at night chances are you still have some type of light sneaking in; that could be your cell phone charging, a street lamp, etc.  This is why I purchased the Rx3 Soft and Smooth Eye Sleep Mask by Earth Therapeutics to see if sleeping in total darkness could improve my sleep.

Price: Very Affordable.  I purchased the mask from Ulta for about $10.
Quality:  The mask is made of silk; so it’s very comfortable and I quickly forget I have it on.  However it’s not incredibly substantial, it often slides off by the time I wake up in the morning.
Recommend?: Definitely, it has noticeably improved my sleep.  I fall asleep faster, wake up less, and sleep much more deeply since I started using it.

The Earth Therapeutics mask has treated me well, especially considering its price.  But whether you purchase this brand or not, I highly recommend trying out some type of sleep mask!

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